gps gates


GPS offers a complete line of Revenue control & High security card access systems. Our systems are complimented by a wide range of value added products from proven industry & technology partners.


Revenue Control Classes

  • Machine readable barcode ticket spitter
  • SC-6 Parking Fee Computer, Fee Display, Validator, Barcode Scanner
  • Time & Date ticket spitter
  • Multi Flat Rate coin unit
  • Coin, Credit Card, Bill acceptor unit (wireless)
  • Token unit

Options for the GPS automatic barrier gates are:

  • Flashing light packages
  • Magnetic tip support
  • Adjustable tip support
  • Folding tip support
  • Internal safety edge
  • External Safety edge
  • Alarms, Buzzers, Sirens
  • Radio Receiver
  • Plug in module for up to 20 totalizers
  • Plug in Differential counter
  • Internal fan to remove condensation
  • Folding barrier arms
  • Wood barrier arms up to 12ft
  • Flat aluminum arms up to 12ft
  • 3 1/4” round aluminum arms up to 24ft


Vehicle Access Control

GPS fabricates, manufactures and distributes a range of gates suitable for the highest security requirements starting with the:

  • GPS-112 barrier gate which offers up to a 12ft barrier arm
  • GPS-1195 which offers up to a 23FT (7 M) Aluminum arm
  • Manual gate that lifts an aluminum barrier arm from 10ft up to 24ft in length
  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates

Card Access Control Systems

  • 2 door & 4 door High security Card Access Systems for Military installations, Banks, Office Towers, Government buildings, Schools, Condominiums etc.
  • Stand alone card rolex replica readers and keypads
  • Camera systems
  • Proximity card readers
  • Transponder systems