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Lexatrade Review

They are separated into specific economies and can be impacted by interest rates, jobs data and strength of currencies. lexatrade forex broker Forex trading is a massive global market with over $5.3 trillion in currency exchanged every day.

Lexatrade broker reviews

We also consider the history of the broker, as a long-standing broker is often more reliable and trustworthy than a newer one. This shows that Eightcap is the better option for low-cost forex trading. If you prefer social media, you can chat with customer support on Facebook Messenger, on Viber, or on WhatsApp. scammed by lexatrade Response time can vary depending on the difference in time zones. You can confidently use stop loss to manage risk because it’s guaranteed to close the trade according to your set limits. There are no margin requirements or stop loss because you determine your risk when performing your trade.

What Is The Minimum Deposit At Lexatrade?

In practice, this offering is similar to one-click and automated trading, as provided in the MT4 trading platform, though the MT4 offerings are far superior. No broker has the possibility to “freeze” a live market, and the impression one gets is that trades on the Lexatrade webtrader lexatrade forex brokers reviews are merely simulated. Is a trustworthy and reliable broker, with excellent safety and regulatory measures taken to protect every investor. With over 200 markets available, traders can trade any market of choice in the four trading platforms and have a great trading experience.

Lexatrade broker reviews

As a regulated company, Lexatrade abide by international regulations such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer policies. This means that their services are 100 percent transparent and they provide the needed security to protect both user funds and data. Lexatrade stands above their competition in that traders can begin trading immediately without needing to first open a bank account, depositing money in advance, or having to download software. Even though the fixed spreads generally tend to be wider than the variable ones, this isn’t the case with Lexatrade. At Lexatrade, their spreads amount to 1 pips on EUR/USD and are accessible with a $250 deposit. In addition to those features, platform users get free Guaranteed stop-loss and deal cancellation option.

As Soon As You Gain Money they Disable Trading On Your Mt4 Service Use: Livelength Of Use: 0

The range of account types and advanced software features are also great benefit available to all Lexatrade clients, which is worth consideration. With some 85 indicators available and 2 decades of back-testing, this platform is expertly designed for maximum functionality and efficacy. Traders wanting to take their trading on the go will enjoy the iPhone trading platform. It includes charts, currency rates, financial calendars and more. With traders registered in over 160 countries, Lexatrade offers a wide range of tradable assets, seamless trading platforms and generous promotional offers. For a safe, secure and reliable trading experience, Lexatrade .com is a top choice for traders. There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities.

Traders are also provided the option of downloading the MT4 terminal for their trading needs, which was only recently included in the Lexatrade platform lineup. Both platforms are available as a dedicated Lexatrade mobile app for iOS and Android enabled devices, which covers a majority of the smartphone and tablet market. Lexatrade does have a reliable and high-speed trading experience, which is backed by guaranteed order execution policies on both trading platforms. Lexatrade certainly has a lot to offer both new and seasoned Forex traders.

Opening An Account At Lexatrade

Lexatrade, an award winning global FX and CFDs broker, announced recently its integration with the TradingView platform. TradingView is a top-rated charting application used by millions of traders worldwide.

I did trade on 3rd April and close my transaction on 6 april mean while you send me my statement on my e mail. If i did something wrong why you didn’t close my positions at that time.

Lexatrade broker reviews

Also, the broker holds sufficient liquid capital to cover client deposits and unexpected market fluctuations. I believe they are attractive for the beginner who wants to feel safe and trade in a simple environment that minimizes uncertainty. Their online platform is very intuitive compared to Metatrader, and frankly, Metaquotes could learn a thing or two from it. It is in no way suited for the intermediate to advanced trader, however. Stops are fixed at seemingly arbitrary intervals, which makes it impossible to precisely adapt risk to market structure or volatility. I suggest that beginners who are serious about trading not even bother with it, skip the online platform, and learn to use their MT4 platform straight away on a demo account.

To make our analysis more accurate, we opened a live trading account, funded it with real money, and proceeded to test the essential services offered by this broker. After going through their services and testing the efficiency of their features, we put together this honest and comprehensive review. The content of this review is 100% unbiased, reliable, and captures everything you need to know about this broker and if you should partner with them.

  • To see a list of the top MT4 brokers, see our comparison of MT4 brokers.
  • They stand behind their philosophy to be openly accessible for all types of traders, simple for those starting out, and practical for even the most advanced traders.
  • Now this time is not specified, it can be 1 hour or 6 hours depending on the case.
  • Traders wanting to take their trading on the go will enjoy the iPhone trading platform.

Fund deposits and withdrawal requests are available on the platform. Traders’ sentiments or inside viewer gives traders an insight of what other traders are buying and selling. Unique and innovative trading tools like dealCancellation and Freeze Rate are available.

Considering these two factors, and the general reputation and history of both brokers, we believe that Lexatrade is the safer broker. When our experts analyzed the specific costs of both brokers, we found that Lexatrade is the better option. In the tables below, you can compare the features of Eightcap and Lexatrade side by side, to work out which suits your trading needs best.

Lexatrade broker reviews

Trading charts offers very little of substance, and live currency rates can be obtained from the trading platform. A financial calendar is available which can be filtered to provide relevant upcoming financial data; potentially market moving events are shown in red under the volatility column. The blog is the sole section where Lexatrade provides in-house content. On the whole, the research section is quite unremarkable, and the market analysis section is sorely lacking in substance and could do with a complete overhaul. The MT4 trading platform is offered to traders, but Lexatrade fails to provide any of the required and critical third-party plugins which are necessary to unlock full functionality. MT4 is still one of the most popular trading platforms available, given its full support for automated trading solutions and back-testing functionality. The primary MT4 platform, as provided by this broker, lacks core features and represents a sub-standard trading portal.

Lexatrade broker reviews

Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold The Forex Geek and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. One huge issue with trading is that the advanced traders are getting better while the new ones have to take the risk for every trade that they make to gain experience. Here the beginners, as well as advanced traders, can learn everything that they need to know. Artificial intelligence is making huge changes in the way we live our life.

Insert your email address, password, and a phone number and click on ‘SIGN UP’ afterwards. Alternatively, you can use your Gmail or Facebook account to open an account. You will get a confirmation email once you submit the required information. You can proceed to deposit funds into your account and start trading the financial assets available on the Lexatrade platforms.

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