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 Barrier Gates »112 2 In 1 Smart Barrier

112 2 In 1 Smart Barrier Gate

Standard Equipment

  • Concrete pad size 30″ x 15″
  • Barrier mounted with 3 sided internal angle
    iron brackets
  • 10G (1/8″) Satin coat steel cabinet
  • Zinc nickel coating applied to all internal shafts
  • 400w DBK Ceramic fan forced heater c/w a DBK
    Dial thermostat
  • Double side door entry for servicing
  • Handle Door locks
  • Communication style PLC Controller (PLC
    designed for 20 Million cycles)
  • User friendly design
  • No programming required
  • Holds up to 3 plug in detectors
  • On board manual up / down service switch
  • 120v 5 amp service outlet
  • Built in 24vdc, 200Ma power supply
  • All inputs switch low voltage 24vdc
  • All outputs are isolated dry contacts
  • Open / Close time varies from 1.3 to 1.9
  • Operating Temperature ( -58F to +158F) (-50C to
    +70C )
  • Single 20Amp Breaker required
  • Super high intensity LED Flashing Lights on Barrier Arms
  • Super Durable Powder coat nish available in custom shades
  • Internal or External safety edge
  • Power Supply – 24vdc, 1.3 Amps
  • Siren Emergency Dome Lamp
  • Custom Smart Programs
  • PLC can be connected to communicate to each other for gate arm status information
  • Nickel zinc undercoating o ers 15 years corrosion protection
  • UPS to raise the replica  Barrier arm in case of a power failure
  • Emergency Manual Crank Handle Kit
  • 42″HT x 30″VVx 15″D
  • Straight barrier arms up to 12ft (3.5M)
  • Articulating arms up to 12ft (3.5M)
  • Net Weight – 360 Pounds (163.293 Kilos)

Note: Hardware requirements may change depending on site Et system con


Valet Software with the capability to handle up to a 5 part Barcode ticket

Unit shown will vary depending on options selected